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que son cobots industria 5.0

What are COBOTS in Industry 5.0? Published by: Josep Feixas – Share: In this new article about industry 5.0 we are going

Los tres pilares de la industria 5.0

THE THREE PILLARS OF INDUSTRY 5.0 Published by: Josep Feixas – Share: Industry 5.0 is a concept of the future, but increasingly

Proyecto Genchain realizado con éxito

GenChain project completed with success The innovative “Genchain” project, based on Blockchain and applied to animal genetics (swine), has been successfully concluded

Fecha fin de Windows 10

MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 SALE END Microsoft believes that the time has come to transition to Windows 11, and one of the key

Microsoft Planner logo - Organize tasks

CONTROL TASKS – MICROSOFT PLANNER The Office 365 Microsoft Planner program will make controlling, monitoring and planning tasks easier than ever. Simple

what is microsoft project - logo

What is Microsoft Project

Microsoft project, what is it? Microsoft Project is one of the many programs in the Office 365 family, also recently known as

3-2-1 backups

3-2-1 backups

3-2-1 backups Here we will tell what the 3-2-1 backup system or method consists of and why it is so safe. And,

cloud backups vs local backups

cloud backups vs local backups We list the advantages and differences between cloud backups vs locals backups Both can be considered complementary,

cloud backups cyber attacks

How Cloud backups Rescue Businesses From Cyber Attacks We tell you in a simplified way how cloud backups save companies from cyber

End of internet explorer June 2022

The end of Internet Explorer – June 2022 Microsoft has definitively and officially put an end to the life of Internet Explorer,

Catalan university cyberattack

Catalan university cyberattack A Catalan public university suffered a catastrophic cyberattack in the fall of 2021. A network made up of more

SMEs, the main victims of cyber attacks

SMEs, the main victims of cyber attacks Unfortunately, cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and common, and SMEs are the main victims.

Bizum computer technology decline physical money

Technology and IT causes a decline in cash usage We have more and more digital/technological tools that make it almost never necessary

Real case of success with Microsoft Power BI

Real case interview Power BI We have spoken with one of our customers, a businessman from the meat sector, so that he

World Internet day 2022

world internet day 2022 On the occasion of the celebration of this world day, promoted by the Association of Internet Users and

China foreign computers 2024

China wants to stop using foreign computers and operating systems in 2024 Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced that the Asian giant

World Password Day 2022

World Password Day 2022 May 5, being the first Thursday in May, is World Password Day 2022, and here in this article

Dynamics 365 Business Central Logo

NOVETATS WAVE 1 DYNAMICS 365 business central En aquesta pàgina recollim les principals novetats que implantarà Microsoft en l’ERP durant el mes

windows 10 11 god mode

God Mode in Windows: What is it and how to activate it God Mode in Microsoft Windows is a curious and “secret”

web positioning google SEO company

The Importance of SEO Web Positioning for Your Business SEO web positioning is one of the most important things, if not the

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