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Cortana (Windows assistant) ceases to exist and will be replaced by copilot Share: Microsoft has decided to end the life of Cortana

Business Central – Connection with Shopify and Ecommerce Share:           In the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics Business

Best monitors for businesses Options and formats Share:           This article aims to clear up doubts regarding the

WHAT IS AN IT DISASTER RECOVERY? Share:           Disaster recovery is something that is becoming more and more

RANSOM HOUSE CYBERATTACK Share: The Ransom House cyberattack (cybercrime organization) on Hospital Clínic shows how important cybersecurity is for companies and organizations

what is chatgpt and what is it for? Share:           If you want to know what ChatGPT is

WINDOWS 11 KEY – ITS MOST USEFUL AND INTERESTING FUNCTIONS Share:           The Windows key, in this case

MAINTENANCE OF IT SYSTEMS – HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE Computer systems are made up of hardware and software, and both must be rigorously

Differences between preventive and corrective maintenance in IT IT equipment needs special attention and maintenance to function, as in many other cases

The drawbacks of keeping an old website If you have an old website, it is usually a good option to update it,

What are COBOTS in Industry 5.0? Published by: Josep Feixas – Share:           In this new article about

THE THREE PILLARS OF INDUSTRY 5.0 Published by: Josep Feixas – Share:           Industry 5.0 is a concept

GenChain project completed with success The innovative “Genchain” project, based on Blockchain and applied to animal genetics (swine), has been successfully concluded

MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 SALE END Microsoft believes that the time has come to transition to Windows 11, and one of the key

CONTROL TASKS – MICROSOFT PLANNER The Office 365 Microsoft Planner program will make controlling, monitoring and planning tasks easier than ever. Simple

What is Microsoft Project

Microsoft project, what is it? Microsoft Project is one of the many programs in the Office 365 family, also recently known as

3-2-1 backups

3-2-1 backups Here we will tell what the 3-2-1 backup system or method consists of and why it is so safe. And,

cloud backups vs local backups We list the advantages and differences between cloud backups vs locals backups Both can be considered complementary,

How Cloud backups Rescue Businesses From Cyber Attacks We tell you in a simplified way how cloud backups save companies from cyber

The end of Internet Explorer – June 2022 Microsoft has definitively and officially put an end to the life of Internet Explorer,

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