Cyber attacks in summer - Be alert


During the summer, many of us relax in the sun, but in the digital underworld the activity does not stop. Each year, cyber attacks increase during the summer months, presenting a growing threat to individuals and businesses.

Hackers take advantage of the decrease in alertness and vigilance during these months. With IT staff enjoying the holidays and less attention to detail, digital infrastructures become more vulnerable to attack. There is an increase in phishing, ransomware and other types of attacks that seek to obtain personal information, sensitive company data or even control entire systems.


Last year, we saw a 200% increase in ransomware attacks during the summer compared to other times of the year, affecting thousands of organizations around the world. In addition, phishing attacks increased by 150% causing millions in economic losses.

Meanwhile, critical infrastructure as the target of cyber attacks has been of particular concern. Hackers have proven capable of paralyzing entire sectors, such as energy or water, putting the national security of many countries at risk.

Take actions

To counter the growing threat of summer cyberattacks, it is essential that businesses implement stronger cybersecurity measures and establish quick action protocols. The training of personnel in the detection of possible threats is equally important. Individual users should also be more security conscious, avoiding clicking on unknown links or providing personal data without verifying the source of the request.

So, while we enjoy the sun, let’s remember that our devices also need protection. In an increasingly connected world, our cyber security cannot go on vacation.

cyber attacks in summer
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