Document Capture - Quick and easy invoice digitization

Document Capture is a software (module) for Microsoft Dynamics, made to digitize invoices, as well as orders and delivery notes. This digitization allows

Simplicity and efficiency

The process of digitizing documents is one thing that should be simple and agile. Being a non-productive administration job, the ideal is to make your work as easy as possible and make it as easy and “light” as possible. Document Capture achieves all of that.

1- Scan

The document you want to digitize is placed on the scanner, and work begins.

2- Assign SUPPLIER

That second process that has to be done only once per each supplier. It is as simple as assigning the provider of said document and creating a template. That consists of saying where the fields are to extract the data.

3- Digitization

From there, the software is responsible for extracting the data and assigning it to the corresponding provider.


Document Capture, in addition to digitizing from paper, also allows you to receive them directly in PDF or XML format. PDF or XML files can be automatically downloaded from predefined email addresses. After that, built-in OCR technology automatically transfers relevant information from the document to the appropriate fields in Business Central, allowing you to automate processes and work with incoming documents quickly and efficiently.

certificate document capture tax agency digitalization invoice

Software certified by the Spanish State Tax Administration Agency

Document Capture is a solution certified by the Spanish State Tax Administration Agency. Thus, all invoices digitized with Document Capture are valid throughout the Spanish territory.
Approval according to the provisions of article 8 of the Resolution of October 24, 2007 and following the procedure contemplated in article 7 of Order EHA/962/2007 of April 10, 2007.


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