Websites and website ranking

If you are not on the internet and well ranked, it is as if you did not exist

The visibility of your company/organization on the Internet is more than essential today. A good website with a good website ranking is what you need for it

At Inforolot we offer the service of creation, support and advice to carry out this step.

The tasks we perform are:

The development base is in a WordPress environment. This platform ensures that the design is responsive, so that it can be perfectly visible and usable from any type of device and browser, both on PC and on mobile phones and tablets.

On-demand design of web pages

Our website creation and design service can include (if desired) the active participation of the client.

There is nothing more satisfying than a totally personal creation that represents you 100% in appearance and form. The customer can guide the web design professional to make everything necessary to measure.

We can also show you a wide catalog of designs and templates to choose from depending on the type of organization or company and the type of aesthetics you need. In addition, such existing designs and templates can also be modified as desired, in case they are not 100% to the client’s taste.

Additionally we can include, or do include:

  • Purchase and assignment of domain to the website created.
  • Hosting of the websites we create.
  • Automatic backups.
  • High speed cache system.
  • Website restoration service in case they have been erroneously modified or attacked.
Websites and web design

We advise you to study the possibility of giving it greater visibility with our personalized web development service.


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