Data analysis BI

Data analysis BI - Business intelligence

Inforolot proposes very complete and scalable ERP solutions in which data has a very statistically important value for clients, and this is where Business Intelligence and Power BI data analysis comes in.

For many years, organizations that promote the use of data analysis tools have been proven to obtain better results in the short and medium term.

Data analysis done with tools from the Microsoft environment such as Power BI or Power Query provides quick and simple access for users.

Inforolot has several technicians specialized in BI tools for data analysis.
They can provide service to customers who require it.
También podemos hacer DEMOS gratuitas del producto a las empresas que estén interesadas.

We can also make free DEMOS of the product to companies that are interested.

– Audit existing data, in one or more databases

– Propose a type of analysis to detect needs

– Carry out the generation of data analysis with or without the support of the user responsible for the client.

– Boot-in-use support

Data analysis Power BI - Business intelligence

Microsoft Power BI and Power Query

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics solution that allows you to unite different data sources, analyze them, and present an analysis of these through integrated reports and dashboards within the application, and within the Microsoft ERP if you have it.

Power Query is an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tool that helps Power BI and Excel users connect with data, transform its formatting as needed, and load the data for future use, typically in Power BI, Excel , CSV files, etc

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With Microsoft Power BI you can do the following:

  • Visualize your business data instantly
  • Easily automate reporting
  • Compare relevant KPIs in one click.
  • Have real information and compare it with the budgeted.
  • Filter information quickly and easily.

FREE and PRO licenses available. Consult for more information

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At Inforolot we fine-tune the data flows that the client needs, depending on the type of company. They are the following:

  • Finance

    Financial Situation | General Accounting Plan | Economic Ratios | Exploitation Analysis | Balance | P&G

  • Sales

    Warehouse Sales | Sales by Clients | Sales by Location | Sales Evolution and Forecast

  • Purchasing

    Evolution of Purchases | Purchases by Supplier | Purchases by Product

  • Portfolio

    Customer portfolio | Supplier portfolio

  • Inventory

    Inventory | Inventory rotation

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