Virtual offices

Virtual offices, integration and communication between company workers is vital to streamline tasks and improve services.

To carry out these daily tasks we have a tool that includes all these functions called Microsoft Sharepoint.

At Inforolot we have technicians and consultants specialized in the installation, configuration and development of functionalities using this document manager.

Since the appearance of Microsoft 365 with the Office Cloud suite, it also includes software and many companies have it. We are at your disposal in case you want to configure and get the most out of this tool.

Microsoft Sharepoint

With Sharepoint you can do:

  •  Office sharing and collaboration
    • Document libraries can be created, categorized and indexed for later searches.
    • You can share documents, edit them and everything managing the versions.
  • Inform and participate
    • You can publish company news, comment and share.
    • Surveys or internal questions can be carried out.
  • Transform business processes
    • Different types of entities are available, such as the agenda or calendar.

The interconnection that the tool has with OneDrive or Office makes it very powerful and usable for any type of person.

From Inforolot we propose, in case you are interested, to audit the need so that we can propose how to present you the best solution.

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