Software for the Food Industry

The agri-food sector, and specifically, the sector that includes the different food-related industries , such as fruits, pastry manufacturing, cookies and other options, is a growing sector that needs control exhaustive cost and a business management in an integrated way. This software for the food industry will meet your expectations.


Management of commercial conditions and promotions

This functionality solves the commercial problems requested by large stores such as 3x1 promotions, gondola headers, gift products, rappels, etc.

Traceability throughout the supply chain.

In the food sector the regulations are very strict in compliance with the European standard on traceability. In our solution we have developed a whole battery of controls and specific validations so that the control of the input batch, transformation batch, and the batch that we send to the customer is perfectly identified and noted in history files for immediate consulting.

Logistics management and deposit control to third parties.

Another of the fundamental issues in this sector is to have the product that our client requires at the moment and without the need to increase stocks. This process has been achieved by expanding the basic functionality with new options and adding specific functionality for the control of products that we deliver to third parties to minimize delivery time to end customers.

Pre-sale and self-sale systems.

The dynamics of the sector need that the sales force can process the orders as quickly as possible to shorten the supply time to the final customer. Through mobile systems like PDA, laptops, tablets or other elements, this flexibility is allowed, which we have linked to the management system.

Packaging control

Specific functionality has also been developed for the management of packages delivered to the customer, whatever the format: boxes, pallets, buckets, etc.

Production and transformation processes.

In our IOAlimentación module we have a big functionality that allows us to generate orders for transforming products or even generate final products according to a previous list of raw materials. This functionality is big and allows you to work with multiple types of units.

Link with weighing and labeling systems.

The identification of the products is basic, as well as obtaining the unit weight, depending of the product. We have developed a series of links with different brands of labellers and scales that allow you to send or receive information between those tools and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Routes and load management.

We have specific functionality to control the routes of distribution of goods as well as to optimize the load of transport trucks according to weights and measures of products or packaging.

Calculation of commissions for sale, collection and distribution.

We have the possibility of calculating commercial incentives for the different concepts that are usually used in this sector.

Inforolot has an integrated way of all the main needs of the sector, such as:


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