Manage your entire company with a single solution

Optimize your processes, make smarter decisions and accelerate growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a complete business management solution designed for small and medium businesses. Our headquarters in Olot and Girona allow us to provide solutions to companies around the province.


Control and project management

Dynamics 365 Business Central brings together all the management of all areas of your Company in a single flexible and powerful platform. It improves the treatment of processes and achieves a more profitable management.

Always available in the cloud

Hosted in the Microsoft cloud, this allows you not to worry about the base equipment and software infrastructure and can enjoy full mobility. Your Management anywhere and on any device.

Productivity and control

The Dynamics 365 Business Central solution reinforces collaboration between departments, even in different locations, and unifies the business in combination of management functionalities with the ERP and the CRM.

Customization and adaptability

Microsoft with the platform of its AppSource, online store of solutions, puts at your disposal numerous applications from different certified Partners that you can acquire to add to the functionality of your Dynamics 365 Business Central. This allows you to solve particular problems of your business without the need for specific developments.

Customer service

Increase sales opportunities and provide better customer service with recommendations that build loyalty and generate new cross-selling.


Reinforces collaboration between departments, even in different locations, and unifies the business in combination of management functionalities with the ERP and the CRM.


Integration, reliability and scalability

Integrated, reliable and scalable management solution that adapts to any business, regardless of size or management problem. It combines the functionality in the cloud with the experience of many years in business management. Inforolot is a reference in Navision solutions in the province of Girona and Osona.


Work with Navision, an internacional reference ERP implemented by a recognized Microsoft Partner in the province of Girona and Osona.

Increase the visibility of financial data

Accelerate financial closure, use graphs to represent real-time financial performance and improve the accuracy of your forecasts while maintaining compliance and security measures.

Optimize the supply chain

Maximize profitability with a comprehensive view of operations management, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory and warehouses.

Boost sales and improve service quality

Manage the entire sales process from Outlook and offer exceptional service with a connected view of customers and service operations.

Deliver projects on time and without getting out of budget

Plan and monitor your projects with real-time metrics of resources, profitability, tasks and progress.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • IOAlimentation - Software for the Food Industry
  • IOCárnicas - Software for the Meat Industry
  • IOMaquinaria - Software for Machinery Management
  • IOTec -Software for the Management of Mechanical Workshops
  • Notification Management Software
  • EDE - Electronic Data Exchange
  • PII - Provision of Immediate Information
  • Credit and Surety Insurance
  • Electronic Invoice and Signature


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