cloud backups vs local backups

We list the advantages and differences between cloud backups vs locals backups Both can be considered complementary, and all have some advantages, without being perfect.


The cloud is actually a remote, external server, professionally managed and secured. That means that if your company is attacked, the cloud is safe from attacks.

1- The highest security: an attack on your company does not affect the cloud backups at all. Data in the cloud is backed up and secured by the most advanced systems.

2- Scalability: very easily and quickly you can go from having backups of one PC, to having backups of 3, 5, 10 or whatever is necessary.

3- Disaster recovery: Thanks to point 1, you can recover data in case of local disasters (fires, floods, or destruction of computer equipment for other reasons), or due to theft.

Advantages of local backups

The local backup system has the characteristic that you control it locally, with the good and the bad that this entails. Its advantages are the following:
1- The highest speed, both in making the data backups, and recovering the data backups. Much faster than the cloud in doing both processes, since everything is local.

2- In the medium and long term, it is cheaper. While in the cloud you have to pay annual or monthly fees, the local backup system normally only requires an initial investment in setting up the system and the necessary hard drives, and the money to invest only increases if You want to expand the capacity of hard drives.
3- It does not depend on the internet connection. Although today it is common to find fiber optics everywhere, with cloud backups it may be the case that the bandwidth collapses due to very intense use, or also that there is a fault in the connection on a certain day, and the backup cannot be made. With the local backup that never happens.


In short, and from our point of view, we could say that the best and most expensive option is cloud backups.
Local backups are cheaper in the long run, but they also have fewer advantages.
Although, to this day, we still recommend both, we do not consider that one is too much above the other to take only one and discard the other. The best option is to have it all and combine it.

cloud backups vs local backups
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