cortana windows replaced copilot

Cortana (Windows assistant) ceases to exist and will be replaced by copilot Share: Microsoft has decided to end the life of Cortana (Windows virtual assistant) and it will be replaced by a new, much more advanced assistant, called Copilot. What is Cortana? In case someone is still on Windows 7 and has not been able …

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business central shopify ecommerce

Business Central – Connection with Shopify and Ecommerce Share:           In the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, connections have been implemented for Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify. MUCH EASIER CONNECTION AND INTEGRATION Business Central has made a collaboration agreement with Shopify to improve the management and integration of both …

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best business monitors

Best monitors for businesses Options and formats Share:           This article aims to clear up doubts regarding the choice of formats, sizes and types of monitors for offices and companies. Our opinion as experts. First of all, bigger is better We think that large screens, with a large surface, and high …

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what is an it disaster recovery

WHAT IS AN IT DISASTER RECOVERY? Share:           Disaster recovery is something that is becoming more and more essential in an SME or organization of a certain size, here we will see why. FIRST, WHAT DISASTERS? IT disasters or computing disasters are unplanned incidents such as natural disasters, power outages, cyberattacks, …

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Ransom House Cyber Attack

RANSOM HOUSE CYBERATTACK Share: The Ransom House cyberattack (cybercrime organization) on Hospital Clínic shows how important cybersecurity is for companies and organizations WHAT IS THIS CYBERATTACK ABOUT? Ransom House, as its name suggests, carries out RANSOMWARE-based cyberattacks. Ransomware, as we have discussed in the past, is a malicious software system that takes critical files from …

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What is ChatGPT OpenAI DaVinci

what is chatgpt and what is it for? Share:           If you want to know what ChatGPT is and what it is capable of doing, stay here and read on. It is something that as you use it surprises you more and more. Although yes, it is not perfect by any …

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Windows 11 Key - The best functions

WINDOWS 11 KEY – ITS MOST USEFUL AND INTERESTING FUNCTIONS Share:           The Windows key, in this case we are talking about the current 11, has a lot of interesting functions that the vast majority of people don’t know about. Let’s see a summary of them A KEY THAT MARKED A …

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it systems - Hardware and software

MAINTENANCE OF IT SYSTEMS – HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE Computer systems are made up of hardware and software, and both must be rigorously maintained. In this article we explain more in detail. The two big “levels” A system, or a computing or IT infrastructure, is essential for modern companies and businesses. And that concept, well known, …

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corrective preventive maintenance IT systems

Differences between preventive and corrective maintenance in IT IT equipment needs special attention and maintenance to function, as in many other cases of complex systems and devices. There are two ways to do maintenance, corrective and preventive. Let’s see the differences. Computer maintenance Computer systems and devices are usually complex to operate and maintain. When …

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old google logo old web drawbacks

The drawbacks of keeping an old website If you have an old website, it is usually a good option to update it, it is not only a question of aesthetics or fashion, but it also entails other important inconveniences to take into account. Adaptive – Responsive Old websites (10 years old or more) were mostly …

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