Month: May 2022

Bizum computer technology decline physical money

Technology and IT causes a decline in cash usage We have more and more digital/technological tools that make it almost never necessary for us to use physical cash, which is causing a slow decline Figures that indicate a clear trend If we review the history of transactions and expenses according to figures from the Bank …

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Real case of success with Microsoft Power BI

Real case interview Power BI We have spoken with one of our customers, a businessman from the meat sector, so that he can tell us about the importance of Power BI for his company and review his real case. Interview real case power bi (business intelligence). Inforolot: Good afternoon sir. I’m glad to see you. …

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World Internet day 2022

world internet day 2022 On the occasion of the celebration of this world day, promoted by the Association of Internet Users and the Internet Society, we are going to review some historical milestones of the world wide web The Origins of the Internet The internet that we know today has military origins and its initial …

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China foreign computers 2024

China wants to stop using foreign computers and operating systems in 2024 Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced that the Asian giant wants to completely reduce its dependence on foreign information technology and foreign computers. Reduce technology dependency An aggressive measure of technological protectionism that seeks to reduce or even eliminate technological dependence on foreign …

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World Password Day 2022

World Password Day 2022 May 5, being the first Thursday in May, is World Password Day 2022, and here in this article we will share some security tips for you, related to the topic. Complex combinations With complex combinations, we mean that it is advisable to use combinations of numbers, letters, and special characters. Also, …

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lean manufacturing

NOVETATS WAVE 1 DYNAMICS 365 business central En aquesta pàgina recollim les principals novetats que implantarà Microsoft en l’ERP durant el mes d’abril: APLICACIÓ La configuració assistida ajuda a moure a un segon pla la tasca d’ajustar els costos dels productes. Creació automàtica de targetes d’informació de lot i número de sèrie. Millores en la …


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