World Password Day 2022

May 5, being the first Thursday in May, is World Password Day 2022, and here in this article we will share some security tips for you, related to the topic.

Complex combinations

With complex combinations, we mean that it is advisable to use combinations of numbers, letters, and special characters. Also, if possible, combine uppercase and lowercase letters. This makes the password extremely difficult to decrypt or steal.

Several different passwords

Today we have many accounts and web pages or applications that require a password to log in and log in; So we have an important list of passwords for all the sites we use.
It is not advisable to use the same password everywhere, because if you steal that password in one place, the first thing hackers usually do is try it on others to see if it is the same. Don’t use it everywhere, it’s not a good idea.

Try changing these passwords periodically

We know it can be annoying to have to go to all your sites and change your passwords, BUT … it’s certainly a very effective anti-theft security measure. If you can, try changing and updating passwords often.

Save passwords in the safest place possible

And what is the safest place? So, it’s debatable … In my humble opinion, as an article writer, there are two very safe places:
1) Your brain or your memory, an insurmountable place that no one can access.
2) Your trusted IT company, which has professional methods to store and safeguard your passwords safely and confidentially
3) Your home safe, a physical safe place that is safe from internet hackers. Write your passwords on a piece of paper and put it inside.

World Password Day 2022
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