What are COBOTS in Industry 5.0?

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In this new article about industry 5.0 we are going to talk about a fundamental piece in this new idea of our industry, the “cobots”.

What is a CoBot?

Some of you may have already deduced that a CoBot is a Collaborative Robot. It is a machine designed to operate safely together with humans, assisting them in different tasks and processes. Unlike conventional industrial robots, cobots are designed to interact with humans in a shared space and efficiently, to be an assistant or helper. In our previous article we have already explained that one of the pillars is human-centrism.


Collaborative robots are designed to perform any type of manual or repetitive work, as well as tasks that pose a risk to workers, such as handling heavy or sharp clothing. This is very useful to reduce the possibility of accidents at work.
It is also useful for the main objective of Industry 5.0, which is to make an industry more humane, and more attractive for people to work in it.


Collaborative robots, unlike typical large industrial robots, are compact, lightweight, easily transportable, relatively easy to program, and generally have significant flexibility to adapt to many types of businesses.

Apart from that, on issues such as security, they have made great advances, working with artificial vision and sensors to be able to function and interact with humans.

Where can they be implemented?

Cobots or collaborative robots have enormous possibilities. But currently, where they have seen more potential is in the following types of companies:

  • Food and meat industry
  • Medical
  • Logistics and packaging companies
  • Technology
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive Industry
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