How Cloud backups Rescue Businesses From Cyber Attacks

We tell you in a simplified way how cloud backups save companies from cyber attacks. It is something quite understandable and something that is getting more and more every day.

Passive cybersecurity system

First of all, we are going to comment that it is a passive security system, that is, it is one of those that does not fight directly against attacks, but, in case of an attack, it restores and fixes everything, as it was before. suffer the attack.
On the other hand, active security systems are, for example, firewalls; those are active security systems.

Easy and affordable implementation

The first step, obviously, is to carry out the implementation, recommended on all the company’s PCs, it is something that is done in a simple, fast and affordable way, from day 1 you will be protected. All PCs will have a direct connection to the cloud to make copies periodically, scheduled and automatically. It can be configured so that the copies accumulate over many days (X days as decided).

Restoration in case of attack

A typical ransomware cyberattack that encrypts all your files and documents can be easily solved thanks to copies to the cloud. This ransomware cannot in any way access and affect the files that you have stored there as a backup. So the procedure is very easy. In the event that a computer is affected, everything affected is cleaned and replaced with the latest copies made in the cloud before the cyber attack, in this way it is as if the attack had never occurred.
And another important thing is to know the origin of the attack, which is usually a fraudulent email. If so, deleting that email ipso-facto is the first thing to do. And in general, monitor the emails that are doubtful.

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