The end of Internet Explorer - June 2022

Microsoft has definitively and officially put an end to the life of Internet Explorer, a classic and veteran navigation program that was outdated many years ago, and has been replaced by Microsoft Edge.

The browser that dominated in its day

Internet Explorer was a browser that never stood out for its speed or its high capabilities, and yet it was for many years the hegemonic browser on Microsoft Windows computers. The reason was simple; it was the browser that came standard with the Windows operating system. However, over time, its technology became outdated and lagged behind in terms of performance, and slowly but steadily it was losing market share.

The current "heir" kings

The first major browser to take the throne from the old Internet Explorer was the famous Mozilla Firefox, which is still very popular and well-liked for being from a small, independent company that just wants a free and untampered internet. It is very fast and with a multitude of free plugins.
On the other hand, after a while the Google Chrome, another classic browser and the current leading browser, which was imposed on Firefox, not because it is better, but rather because of the power that Google has; a huge company that, similar to Microsoft, tries to impose its power, against a small company like Mozilla.
Another very popular and well-known browser is Opera, or Safarion Apple systems.

Is there still a dependency on Internet Explorer?

On the occasion of this news, another controversy arose, and that is that in some institutions of the Spanish State they still use Internet Explorer, such as the Congress of Deputies, even in certain aspects it seems to be still necessary.
Although that should no longer be a problem, since since version 92 of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer is integrated into it. So, now everything falls on the Edge browser (its substitute) and that is already integrated with Windows.

End of internet explorer June 2022
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