SMEs, the main victims of cyber attacks

Unfortunately, cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and common, and SMEs are the main victims. Here in this article we are going to know why.

"Data kidnapping" for economic reasons

To get to the point and explain it in a simple and fast way. The main objective of cyber attacks is almost always economic. What the attackers do, explained in easy terms, is to “kidnap” the company’s confidential data and documents, and ask for a large sum of money for their ransom. This kidnapping is usually done by “disabling” the files, with a type of virus called “RANSOMWARE”.

How ransomware works

What Ransomware does is encrypt files, making them impossible to read or use. All the important information of a company can be totally blocked and unusable, which can be catastrophic and cause critical losses that can even seriously jeopardize the continuity of that company.
Then, in order to recover all these documents, the attackers ask the victims for very large sums of money, sometimes these amounts can lead to the bankruptcy of said company. It is being said that recovering from a typical attack usually costs an average of €35,000, and approximately a week of downtime.
The police generally recommend never giving in to these extortions, unless the amount is very low.

Why are SMEs the favorite victims of cyber attacks?

Well, for a simple reason:

They have some ability to handle money (cyber attackers are interested in a victim with money), but they also do not usually have enough money to allocate large resources to cybersecurity. In general, they all have some other measure in this regard, but on average much less than very large companies and that have many security measures that make them almost insurmountable.
That said, every company (especially SMEs) is recommended not to neglect the issue of cybersecurity and invest in it as much as possible.

SMEs, the main victims of cyber attacks
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