The Office 365 Microsoft Planner program will make controlling, monitoring and planning tasks easier than ever.

Simple and very useful

Microsoft Planner is based on a powerful but at the same time easy and intuitive system, an internal work and task manager for companies, regardless of size.
The basic concept is to create internal teams of people who form a project, and from there you start assigning tasks.

For companies of all sizes

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, Planner can greatly facilitate the organization of work for many members, working in conjunction with the rest of the organization or as a team.

As simple as creating groups of people, and for each person assigning a different plan and/or tasks, with due dates. From there the bosses or managers can already obtain something that they did not have before.

Have control in real time in a single click

Those responsible can finally see in their administration control panel, the status of the tasks of all the members of the group or team. See when it is done, when it remains to be done, and make decisions and take new steps based on that data.

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