China wants to stop using foreign computers and operating systems in 2024

Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced that the Asian giant wants to completely reduce its dependence on foreign information technology and foreign computers.

Reduce technology dependency

An aggressive measure of technological protectionism that seeks to reduce or even eliminate technological dependence on foreign firms, and in turn seeks to take full control of the equipment and machines that are used throughout the country. Total control of everything is one of the hallmarks of the Asian giant.

fear in computer security issues

One of the biggest arguments for taking this forceful measure, which would mean getting rid of more than 50 million computers, is cybersecurity, and cybercontrol, by the Chinese regime itself.
Some security experts say that the best computer security measure for a country is to control the computers from head to toe and make sure that they do not have any type of security hole or backdoor.

Large-scale business replacements

Naturally, the American multinationals in the sector have not taken this announcement well, and accuse Beijing of protectionism. Some say it is a kind of “vendetta” for the Huawei case.

Chinese hardware companies such as Lenovo, Huawei or Inspur, as well as Chinese software companies such as Kingsoft or Standard Software, would take over from American software companies such as Microsoft or Adobe, and hardware companies such as HP or Dell.

Serious doubts about the actual ability to do so

Replacing computer-technological companies, world leaders, which have been operating for decades, with other local Chinese ones that are largely based on imitating or making substitutes for the original products?
Some believe that it is not possible to do it, or if it is, they will always be inferior products and at a disadvantage compared to the usual. Time will tell.

China foreign computers 2024

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