Alert of danger with the Russian antivirus Kaspersky

The German government (Federal Cyber Security Authority) has warned of the danger posed by the Moscow-based Russian company Kaspersky labs

It was also banned in the US

The then US president Donald Trump was in charge of vetoing the Russian cybersecurity company in 2017, claiming to be “vulnerable to the influence of the Kremlin”.

In the face of such a danger, it is believed that prevention is better than cure

This is how many of the European authorities consider it. At least in the current context of war and economic isolation against Russia by the West and some additional countries. Germany leads that cry of alert. According to German cybersecurity authorities, Kaspersky “may be forced to attack systems against their will or be spied on in cyber operations without their knowledge.”

In Kaspersky they deny links with Putin, and in turn do not condemn the war

Kaspersky as a company has been trying to keep itself equidistant from the entire conflict. They have advocated for peace, but have not explicitly condemned war. This has caused, according to reports, that some of its workers are already beginning to leavethe company.

Ireland also on high alert

The Irish government, which hosts some headquarters of American technology multinationals, is on high alert about the potential danger of Kaspersky, and warned that computer attacks have increased by between 20% and 25% in the territory of the European Union.

If as a precaution you want alternatives...

In Inforolot, first of all, clarify that we do not say that all this is true since we do not have proof of all this. This article is merely informative. And we have never worked with Kaspersky either. So, if you want to prevent, we can give you an alternative. As for cybersecurity companies, we have been working for many years with the well-known Japanese and American firms Trend Micro and McAfee, respectively.
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