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Industry 5.0 is a concept of the future, but increasingly of the present, and here in this article we will see the three pillars on which it is based.

The role of industry 5.0

As an introduction, it should be noted that for many companies they are still in the phase of reaching industry 4.0, and 5.0 is still something of the future.
While Industry 4.0 focuses on efficiency and productivity using new technologies, Industry 5.0 focuses on the well-being of workers and sustainability, making it possible for the business to continue in the long term.

That concept is not really limited to industry, but applies to all sectors and all organizations that one can imagine.


Strategy focused on the human being, contemplating progress in the work environment. It is about promoting talent, diversity and training.

The objective is to change the paradigm of the industrial-economic world. Organizations must be at the service of people, and not the other way around. People are not means, but ends.


Resilience in the face of serious adversity, pitfalls, and problems at the local and global levels is one of the great goals for the future.
In our recent history we have lived through the Covid-19 pandemic, the consequent global shortage of supplies, and now finally the war in Ukraine.
To be prepared for the future in the face of these events, what is sought is for companies to be able to anticipate, react, and learn to adapt and resist any crisis, and thus guarantee stable and sustainable activity.


The third pillar is the one that deals with problems and challenges at a planetary level, and that is that we live in a world with limited resources, and therefore we must change the utopian approach of infinite and unlimited growth.
This third great aspect of Industry 5.0 seeks sustainable and viable development so that it can last indefinitely over time, and thus be able to guarantee some kind of future for future generations.

The three pillars of the industry 5.0
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