How Putin deceives his population through technology and fake news

Vladimir Putin has used technology (or lack of it) to have his population deceived with fake news and false reports.

digital iron curtain

The iron curtain or iron curtain was a term that became famous during the cold war to designate the border that separated the western Europe, free and capitalist, from the communist Eastern Europe of the Soviet sphere.
Now what we have in Russia and its borders is a new iron curtain, but Digital, of Western media in the Eurasian country. Everything not related to the Kremlin has been censored, blocked or turned off.

Pure and hard censorship - And repression

The “Roskomnadzor“, the Russian federal telecommunications service, decided on March 4 to block Facebook and Twitter. Likewise, the Kremlin made amendments to the Russian criminal code, with which anyone who publishes information about the invasion of Ukraine that is contrary to Moscow’s dictates was penalized with up to 15 years in prison.

Disbandment of international media in Russia - And vice versa

The disbandment of the media has been a constant trickle. The social network TikTok joined the blockade shortly after, and Instagramwould arrive shortly after. Consequent threats to Google and its YouTube video portal. And so in general with everything that is not Russian or pro-Russian. In turn, Google has censored YouTube

And so Russia’s media and information isolation has come about. An isolation that Putin is going to use to his advantage.

Only Russian media in Russia - And related to Putin

Thus, with total and absolute control of the media operating in Russia, and with censorship left and right, Vladimir Putin controls and deceives the Russian population at will. Using fake news, and totally wrong and erroneous stories to get people to support both himself and what he has called Ukraine’s “special military denazification operation”. Most Russians believe they are fighting a new Hitler, or something like that. As Russia is a victim who will defend itself, instead of the other way around.
But the real truth always ends up coming to light sooner or later, so the question is, if media and internet censorship continues to get worse, if people will end up getting used to it, or in the end they will get fed up and demand freedom of expression. press. Time will tell.

Putin Media Fake News

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