Cybersecurity and communications

Protect your company's IT infrastructure so that cybercriminals cannot access your organization's sensitive data

At Inforolot we offer a protection service in different areas of use in terms of cybersecurity and communications:

  1. Treatment of vulnerabilities
  2. Microsoft Domain
  3. CPF and servers
  4. Network Security
  5. Perimeter security
  6. Endpoints
  7. Safety Backups
  8. Disaster recovery
  9. Messaging security
  10. Information security management

Among the tasks performed by specialists on a daily basis are:

– Establish VPN connections (Watchguard Mobile) to secure communications between extremes/endpoints.

– Audit via log all authentications performed by network users.

– Detect and protect external connections, such as mobile devices, as well as provide an antivirus service.

– Set internal active directory security policies.

– Protect “malware” attacks with specific software.

– Install and configure firewall protection.

We work with one of the best cybersecurity and communications firms

Inforolot has specialized and certified security technicians with tools from the well-known cybersecurity firm Watchguard.

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We are at your disposal to carry out a complete audit of your infrastructure, propose improvement actions and execute them.

The security of your company is crucial.

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